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Loosen your collar and join the pack for another fabulous and meaningful night out with RU Drink For Justice. We’ll fill your bowl until you’re howling at the moon. Cheers!

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Thursday, October 19, 2023
From 6:00 PM


Why support

We help you support charity, friendship and solidarity

Attend or sponsor one event, or let us organize an event for you to make a difference in the lives of refugees in Hong Kong.

Drink For Justice is a relaxed networking event that is held monthly to promote understanding and level differences. It builds opportunities and sheds light on social issues that affect us all.

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What is Drink For Justice?

Drink For Justice (DFJ) is social drinks with a difference. DFJ is held monthly to promote friendship across borders; develop solidarity irrespective of social, racial and religious divides; and foster business opportunities for young professionals partaking in our events. Let’s cheer together for a good cause!

Who is involved?

DFJ is organized by a diverse network of professionals, refugees and concerned citizens who come together at the Refugee Union. DFJ is presently organized by people with a background or in professions in academia, law, accounting, trading and marketing.

How does it work?

Once a month, for a $250 donation, you’re welcome to enjoy a free-flow of drinks and canapes and make a difference in the lives of refugees in Hong Kong. We can’t fix social problems in one night, but we can turn our Happy Hour into positive change.

Refugees are a marginalized minority from dozens of countries. Their skills and talents are often undermined and depreciated in a context of limited resources, opportunities and choice. DFJ encourages us to express ourselves while learning about the reality of broader issues of social justice.

Why promote justice over drinks?

The ancients believed “In Vino Veritas” – in wine, truth. The Greek historian Herodotus asserts that if the Persians decided something while drunk, they made a rule to reconsider it when sober. Authors after Herodotus added that if the Persians made a decision while sober, they made a rule to reconsider it when they were drunk.

DFJ aims to spark a truthful friendship in a jovial environment shaped around this ancient wisdom, which goes beyond drinking, to achieve balance, unity and amity.

What drinks are offered?

It is our promise to provide unique and quality drinks you rarely find in free-flow events.

How can I donate to the cause?

You may make a donation to Refugee Union when purchasing tickets for our events and you may do so at the event.

Or you can

Is Drink For Justice a registered charity?

Yes, we are a registered charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Chap 112)

Does Drink For Justice issue tax-deductible receipts?

For donations over $199 we will issue tax-deductible receipts upon request. Kindly advise name and address

When is the next event?

Updates are regularly posted on our website and Facebook.

I have more questions how can I contact you?

Get in touch with us at
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Sponsors needed!

Get in touch with us to sponsor a DFJ event. Whether you are an individual or business entity, you may donate to the cause by footing event costs and requesting to organize with you an event at your home, office or other venue. We’ll turn your party into a potent source of innovation, team-building and competitive advantage.

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Our books are wide open.

The funds we raise are 100% allocated to refugee welfare. We invite you to follow the money...

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